A Letter To My Lover

Good Morning


You are beautiful, and I am more than grateful to have you in my life.

You, a contribution to everything I be, every morning I wake with thee.

I've looked for you in others desperately

Seeking salvation from the confines of my own reality.

Searching, and only finding that which I have already created in self, a prisoner of judgement, of control, of despair.

Seeking not to find me, but for someone to receive me.

And I Receive you as you be,

The kindness, tranquility and despair when you so choose


A letter for you,

My lover,

Is a letter to me, for you are not my lover if you don't allow me to be me; as the acknowledgement that in that moment I am not having me.

Good Morning

I invite you to be everything you choose to be, anything, anyone, you choose to be, for your choice to me is your beauty.

This is a letter to me

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