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Being Totally Different

Every piece of contemporary literature I read is pretty much the same. Null and Dull

The difference in leftist and right political views varies by mere nanometers. That which is truly different forces you to bend your mind and even lose it in the very act of reading. It stretches the boundaries of your perception. I’ve now come to realize that if I’m reading something, and I can fully understand upon first read then it is only reaffirming the reality or some sort of reality I’m already fully capable of perceiving… in essence it’s nothing new, nothing that isn’t already totally and previously comprehended. Or so my syllogism tells me.

“When did you lose your lust to watch the same movie over and over and over?”

We wonder why our 2 year olds can delve into the same Peppa Pig episodes countless times as if each time they watch, some thread, some new grain of information makes the show totally and irrevocably brand new.

As an exquisite technical writer for describing engineering concepts I’ve found writing for the purpose of information transfer has its place, but writing that stretches your mind beyond the confines of the Freudian enchantment to not describe a situation but dilute the definitions by which one uses to apprise, is to lose the mind to possibility.

We are a society built on science.

Which is extremely lacking. It seeks only to define the world we live in, on, with, and what we are capable of.

Definition, by definition, is limitation.

Science only asks the question to figure out a problem. Find the problem then you can find a solution. What about asking the question of what can be created? What is possible? Not from completion as if what is possible is a static environment, but what else is possible as a mutable creation that changes by your very observation and guided by the very act of asking the question “What else is possible?”.

What if you began to seek only for more Possibility rather than trying to define the boundaries to try to figure out how to go beyond them? Because by that time you’ve already decided they are real and can’t be overcome, because that’s just how it is…

Try reading “The Place” by Gary Douglas, Lawrence Durrell’s “Alexandria Quartet”, or “The Discovery Of Slowness” by Stan Nedolny

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