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Symphony Of Possibilities

In 2013 Dr Dain Heer held a new Class in Santa Barbara, California called the Symphony of Possibilities.

The 4 Day class started on Friday, I emailed my boss on Tuesday and by Monday he told me he "no longer needed my services".... handed he hired me as a subcontracting Engineer instead of an employee which is by law illegal in the state of Colorado to do so when demanding of the person to be at the same location from 8am to 5pm Monday Through Friday - That would be the definition of an employee.-- He still called me a year later to come back, but he was a techie.

However I digress.

Just 6 months prior to this Symphony Of Possibilities class I was backpacking through New Zealand, Southeast Asia and ..... Nepal. I went to see the beauty this planet offered and to discover how other people were creating their lives as far from everything I knew as true and real as I could find. What I also discovered was that my efforts in Boston as a Civil and Environmental Engineer, though fruitful, were futile on the grand scheme of the planet.

In my travels I learned to NOT give a beggar child with broken legs any money because it would only encourage other fathers to break their sons' legs to put them on the street and do the same, because that was what was done to him.

I discovered that in the essence of wastewater collection and treatment and stormwater treatment and solid waste collection, most of the planet (especially the heaviest populated areas) was decades behind what is currently possible and it may even take 100 years or more, if cities started today to really "turnaround" their water management systems.

Previously in Boston I had just started scratching the surface of Access Consciousness with tools like "How Does It Get Any Better Than This?" and "What Else Is Possible?" and time and time again in my work with engineers, contractors, public works departments, water departments, public transportation and electrical and gas utilities, and meeting the Alumni of the prestigious Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and my explorations under the ground with the "spaghetti" of sewer systems and utilities.... I discovered that I ... NEVER .... had it RIGHT..... WE never had it RIGHT, and yet everyone was always looking to be right or get it right or find something that would be the answer the solution that would fix what they had decided was the problem, whether it be medical, political, scientific, social, or engineering.

So when I really started to dive into Access Consciousness and playing with always asking a question without looking for an answer, I thought "WOW this could really change the world!!!!!"

Fast forward to the Symphony Of Possibilities, and an invitation to go beyond anything you've ever thought possible and always known to be possible, beyond linear creation, beyond the limitations of your mind and it's incessant need to confine you.

I don't have an answer, and what I know is this world, this planet requires something totally different if we are not going to end up walking around knee deep in our own shit..... Literally.

What do you know?

Will you choose a Symphony Of Possibilities session? Would one contribute to you?

I did, it did, and they still do.

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