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To Whom It May Concern

Hi, I’m Connor Hill. I am a Professional Civil Engineer, and I’ve spent the last 20 Years of my life studying the global economy, global societies, and our Earth as a whole. I’ve worked in the trenches so to speak and in the sewers literally. I’ve experienced far off places, the religions, the cultures, the animals the fauna and the people. I once stood on the deck of a bridge in Nepal overlooking the river below in disbelief as the raw sewage and trash flowed below me., As I did A small boy walked up next to me with his mother and proceeded to unwrap a piece of candy and throw the plastic wrapper into the river below.

I couldn’t help in that moment but to feel desperate and hopeless, that the direction in which the environment on this planet is headed will ever lead to something sustainable. I’ve seen first-hand the depletion of glaciers, the death of coral and the great barrier reef, and I’ve seen the shit you flush down the toilet, no matter where you go in the world it all smells the same. And I know most of you have heard something about the planet and the future and the climate, and I know many of you will never do anything, and some of you will talk about doing something, but I am here today to reach out to all of you and to ask you 1 question and for 1 action. If you knew you could change something would you?

Many people are in denial, many people are in resistance, and most people are just trying to get through the day. I’m not here to ask you to do anything you can’t do, or make some dramatic shift in your life, or pick up your life and turn it into something that actually changes the world. The people that will change the world will do so. You are who I am talking to right now. And I’d like to ask you, if you could contribute to those people in the world that are changing the world, would you? Would you like to contribute to creating a sustainable future whether you think the future will be sustainable or not? If so I have 1 thing for you to do. Each day, every morning that you wake up. Ask one question Will you ask it? To create a sustainable future? Sustainable meaning, we can continue on this planet for the next 10 thousand years. Would you?

If you said yes, this is your task.

Every Morning you wake up, ASK ;

What can I contribute to creating a sustainable future?

That’s it, that’s all

Will you do that? I understand that it’s super hard work and all, but that’s what I am asking of you. I’m not asking you to think about it, I’m not asking you to actually even go out and do anything. All I am asking …is for you to ask the question, each morning you wake up, “What Can I Contribute To Creating A Sustainable Future?” and you can go about your day.

Will you do that?
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